Street style photography

Asokoro style shoot

I consider myself a pretty good photographer, whether using a phone, a point-and-shoot camera, a DSLR, or a mirrorless camera. If you have been an LBJ reader for a while now, you would know I take more than 70% of my pictures myself. I have never had to pay a photographer to take pictures of/for […]

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Weekend Vlog + Update

Weekend vlog

It’s been a while you heard from me, I am very aware and I’m sorry about that. To make up for it, I decided to vlog my activities during the past weekend. The video is attached below and if you watch till the end, it explains why I have been unavailable the past week. But […]

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Grand Square Ice cream | Review

Grand square ice cream flavours

Grand square ice cream was everyone’s favorite a couple of years ago. I remember the days when going to Grand square was a big deal. Then, they had many different flavours for the customers to chose from and the queue for the ice cream was usually quite long. I have visited Grand square a couple […]

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The Working Nigerian Series. Part 2

Welcome to the second part of this series. Today we are going to discuss employment/unemployment. Personally I think the rate of unemployment in Nigeria is very high. I said personally because I don’t have any research to back up my claim. Imagine a country where PhD holders are still looking for jobs. It’s quite sad […]

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Blogger Recognition Award

blogger recognition award

Many are called but a few are chosen lol. The Blogger recognition award is an online trend where a blogger nominates 15 other bloggers for the award. The nominated bloggers then have to write a post about it and further nominate 15 other bloggers and so on… I was nominated for this award two days […]

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My first time in six years | April update

April update

Welcome back from this really long weekend. I hope you had a great time with friends and family. It’s been an awesome month so far and I am grateful for so many things. When I was leaving Ghana to return to Nigeria, I had a plan in mind (a very elaborate one at that) but […]

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Blogging Tips | The Essentials of blogging

blogging tips

My blog, Lifestyle by Janet, is just a little over 3 months old, although I started blogging (inconsistently) with a different blog a couple of months before that. I have gotten a whole lot of questions about my blog and about starting a blog in general. This post is an attempt to answer those questions […]

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