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a touch of ankara

Fashion trends I’m loving right now || a touch of Ankara

Fashion never goes out of style. There are several trends that have come and gone but one I’m currently loving is ‘dressing with a dash of Ankara’. Ankara – a native African material used to sew different types of clothing P.S. Ankara is also the capital of Turkey #funfact Gone are the days when ankara used to be just a…

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heels vs flats

Stumbling in Heels | What’s your take?

Does a lady have to attend special events and social gatherings in heels? Is this an unsaid rule or do we ladies just decide to make ourselves uncomfortable at those times? Sometimes you see a lady in heels who you can clearly tell is suffering in silence. Some are so awkward that you begin to feel uncomfortable for them. When…

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Designs by Fadesomi

Chic Designs by FadesOmi (a Nigerian designer)

Nigerian designers are becoming more creative. Now that the dollar is ‘reaching for the skies’, it has become even more important for us to support Nigerian businesses and purchase #madeinNigeria goods. Made in Nigeria products do not have to be expensive (as some designs are) or be of low quality (as some people think). FadesOmi has found a balance between…

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Style meets comfort

Style meets Comfort

Most times we want to wear stylish footwear and still be comfortable at the same time. Being a heel lover, this is usually not achievable because well, most of my heels are uncomfortable. Most times does not mean all the time though because in today’s post, style meets comfort. Today’s featured item is a pair ofΒ wide fit two part block…

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Dunes fashion show Abuja

The Dunes Fashion show + Experience (video included)

In the spirit of promoting made in Nigeria goods, the Dunes centre Abuja launched their Nigerian floor and had a fashion show. The Dunes fashion show was focused on made in Nigeria luxury clothing. It was a two part event consisting of the tour of the Nigerian floor, which happened in the afternoonΒ and the Nigerian floor fashion show, which was…

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