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Thankful Thursday/Motivation for 2017

Wow ! It’s just 3 days to 2017, excited much? I guess some of you have already made your new year resolutions lol, I wish you all the best. One thing I have learnt this year; 2016, is not to compare myself with others. Yes, there are times I realized I was doing that but I always stop myself immediately.…

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how to stay positive

How to stay positive

Hello everyone!!! HAPPY NEW MONTH!!! Hope y’all are having an awesome week.Β Can u believe Christmas is right around the corner?! We are in December already; the final chapter of 2016. This period is when people usually reflect on the year; their accomplishments, their successes, their achievements, what they could do to improve on their β€˜game’. This is also the period…

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hello november

Hello November

Happy new month darlings… It’s almost unbelievable that we are one month away from the end of 2016. I hope we have accomplished most of our 2016 goals. If not, you gotta work harder. This post is just to remind us of all we set out to do and to encourage us to work harder to achieve them all. Later…

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september update

September update

Hi lovelies, Wanna catch you up on events so far. Moved back to Nigeria just a week ago with the plan of starting housejob (one year internship for newly graduated doctors) as soon as posssible. Can’t say that there is much going on here. Everyone is complaining that the economy is bad and all the blame seems to be on…

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How to have a great day!

Be courteous! Be polite! Don’t get tired of saying “please” and “thank you”. This is an unspoken rule in most offices, unless you are the boss *wink*. Be very mindful of the way you speak to others. One bad word could set off a chain of events which could end up frustrating you and ruining your day.

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Beautiful life

It’s been a rough day today so I have done a lot of reflection to avoid repeating the same thing over and over and over and over again (you get the point 😩) I realized, actually I have always known this in theory but never actually applied it to daily living, yeah as I was saying, I realized today that…

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