Highlights of Zaria

I told y’all I was gonna write a sequel to the chronicles of Zaria.

The highlight for me was the time I spent with friends. The little adventures we had and of course the love we shared…we had each others backs. In the spirit of adventure, we went to several places. Some of which are:

Zaria Suya Spot

zaria suya spot

There is more than one ‘Zaria suya spot’ in Zaria but we went to the one close to Samaru. I remember having passed this joint severally but one day I decided to stop and buy some…it was yummy! I enjoyed the yummy goodness all by myself and in the comfort of my room.lol. The taste was so peculiar that I wished I had gotten some more.

It was therefore a no-brainer that when my friends suggested we go hang out there, I said legooo

zaria suya spot

This spot had an assortment of meat for you to chose from; beef, chicken, liver, and kidney.

Chicken Republic

This is one of the few places in Zaria where you can get good food (for me at least).

chicken republic zaria

Although it’s location was quite a distance from my accommodation, I felt it was worth the journey. My first time there, I got me a box of fries and chicken. I think this is the safest order to make if you are going to a food outlet for the first time, I mean, it would take a lot for them to ‘screw it up’.


Al-Nasiha Restaurant

We actually didn’t plan on going to this particular restaurant but found ourselves there on two occasions. The first time, we were driving by and decided to stop. And the second time was due to unforeseen circumstances and Al-Nasiha was conveniently located.

al-nasiha restaurant zaria

Their food was just ok, nothing extra-ordinary. Ok, maybe except their fish, which was quite delicious.

eba and egusi at al-nasiha zaria

Eba and Egusi soup

chips and chicken at al-nasiha

Potato chips and chicken…with egg?

Chicken and Fish at Al-Nasiha

Chicken and Fish

Jollof rice and chicken at Al-Nasiha

Jollof rice and chicken

The Zaria Emirate “Zazzau”


This was an impromptu visit, we actually got there after closing hours. But were fortunate to take a quick look around. We were shown the portraits of the famous “Queen Amina” and the Emir of Zazzau.

Queen Amina and the emir of Zazzau

Queen Amina and the emir of Zazzau

Since most places were locked, we just took lots of pictures…





More adventures

One day, on my way back from church, I saw an ‘anomaly’, I wonder if it was a UFO. It was moving through the sky at a very fast rate. I just had to capture the moment.


Fortunately, I wasn’t the one driving, so I had time to take series of shots as the car was moving. Till date, I still wonder what it was.

After my last Sunday service in Zaria, some little girls saw me taking pictures with my camera and they cajoled me into taking pictures of them. I took the shots and when I showed it to them, my goodness, they were so excited, they actually went to call their friends to come have a look at the picture. So here it is…

Zaria cuties

So that’s it guys. Zaria had it’s ups and downs, but amongst them all, we found a way to make it a memorable experience.

Till next time. Ciao.

Highlights of Zaria

With Love,

Phiephiee 💋


  • Anonymous October 16, 2016 at 5:15 pm

    Lovely chronicles of Zaria…really enjoyed the write-up and pictures…lovely work. ..keep it up


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