September is springtime

September is Springtime


I know this is coming a bit late but better late than never right? Last week, I posted a picture on Instagram and the caption was ‘September is springtime’. I guess a lot of people did not understand what I meant by that because a friend commented ‘its fall’.

Springtime in this case does not refer to the usual seasonal description we are used to i.e. summer, spring, fall, autumn. NO! Springtime here refers to the time of our lives.

springtime in september

SPRINGTIME: This is a period in your life where things work out for your good irrespective of the circumstances. A period where despite your bank statement, you have the finances to do all you require. A period where the economy does not dictate how you should live. A period where all your efforts yield results and more. A period where you don’t have to struggle to make ends meet. A period where each passing day reveals a bigger and better version of yourself. A period where all your cares and worries seem to melt away because God’s got you.

September is that period where all these come to pass.



With Love,


  • Makafui

    Word in season is life….thanks Janet👍
    God bless you richly😇😇😇😇

    • Amen! Thanks for reading 💋