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Stumbling in Heels | What’s your take?

Stumbling in Heels | What’s your take?

Does a lady have to attend special events and social gatherings in heels? Is this an unsaid rule or do we ladies just decide to make ourselves uncomfortable at those times?

Sometimes you see a lady in heels who you can clearly tell is suffering in silence. Some are so awkward that you begin to feel uncomfortable for them. When I see such situations, the question I ask myself is “but did they force you to wear it?”

I am not in anyway criticizing ladies that wear heels because I am a heel lover myself. Of course, I have made some wrong moves where I wore heels to events that would have been better attended in flats. Now, why did I do that?

If you are a heel lover like myself and want to attend all those events in your heels, they do not have to be uncomfortable all the time. There are some comfortable shoes out there but I guess people just prefer to follow certain fashion trends. You can still be stylish in comfortable heels, check out my postΒ STYLE MEETS COMFORTΒ to know how.

Recently, I wore flats to a Sunday service and it felt so good. Haven’t done that in a really long while, and IΒ realized what I had been missing.

Comfy flats

comfy in flats

on a break from heels

heels vs flats

Let me know what you think? Please leave your comments in the “leave a reply section below”. P.S. I read and reply all your comments. Till next week …

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  • Tbh, heels can be stressful except you are someone who can hike with heels to show how super comfortable you are wearing it.

    I personally don’t wear it except it’s needed and trust me to have my flats around the corner. Although I have a stack of heels in my closet, I mostly rock them for pictures sake, lols, and If I must wear them, I wear the most comfortable ones.

    • Janet

      Hi Debs…I know right, the things we do for pictures. Plus heels are pretty too.

  • Heels is not by force as you said. Now I disagree with the anonymous commentor stating that following trends is a lack of self-esteem. In this society there are certain expectations for example, a woman showing up to an event plain faced is odd or questioned. The same thing applies to heels as it sort of gives this dressed up look, and increases peoples perceptions of you. Because there are times that without heels one can feel underdressed. However, I say do what makes you confortable and happy, so I rest my case.

    Princess Audu

    • Janet

      lol thanks Sarah. Indeed, people should do what makes them happy and COMFORTABLE.

  • Anonymous

    Like a friend would always say to me ‘the reason we do the things we do is more important than the things we do. I really don’t blame those that go for trend over comfort, it’s only a reflection of the insecurities and lack of self esteem that the changing society has placed on our ladies.
    So there is always a crave to fit into this picture that has been painted for them.

    • Janet

      Wow! It seems you have thought about this prior to today lol. Thanks for your response.